Sacchi’s suggestion to Juve to Stop Messi and Barca

Sacchi's suggestion to Juve to Stop Messi and Barca

Turin – The success of Juventus to the Champions League final makes legendary Italian coach, Arrigo Sacchi, enthusiastic. He then gives feedback regarding how to stop Lionel Messi and Barcelona are so opposed.

Juve managed to tread the final of the Champions League after eliminated defending champion Real Madrid. Juve have finished the first final since 2003, at which time it was defeated AC Milan.

Juve’s success was greeted enthusiastically Sacchi. He hoped Massimiliano Allegri’s men can overcome Barca and won, for the sake of lifting the name of Italian football.

“I hope that Juventus won the Champions League, but do so by taking the initiative of the game,” said the man whose success with AC Milan said to Tuttosport quoted by Football Italia.

However, the dream ‘Great Lady’ Champions League will not be easily realized. Barca is a very experienced opponent in the tournament. In the last decade, they have been champions on three occasions. Blaugrana squad is currently still filled the players who won the last two titles in the 2008/2009 and 2010/2011 seasons.

Instead, Juve not even quite nicely in the last ten years. Before succeeding to the final of this season, they previously only stuck in the quarterfinal round on three occasions.

One of the biggest challenges is to stop Messi Juve who became the central point of the Barca attack. By stopping the Argentina international striker, at least Bianconeri could significantly reduce the potential threat of Catalan children. But even then will not be easy, the choice between assigning one player to escort him to survive any or meeting in order to minimize space barca.

For Sacchi, the second option is the best choice. He considered collectively survive is a great way to stop Messi, but with the proviso Juve lot as a team to train movements. By doing so, the error can also be minimized.

“When I asked whether Messi will determine the game, I said ‘dependent’. It depends whether his teammates can send the ball to him,” he said.

“You should not say about who would keep Messi, because he was on top of the system or formation. If you send someone to look after him, he will still be better than the guard and you’ve lost one player (just to keep it).”

“You should always think playing as a team and not playing against an individual. In the same way that you play with a team, not the individual,” said Sacchi.

“So how can you stop Barcelona? First, minimize errors as possible and then with the power of collective game, with the organization.”

“Before the game at this level, but in fact before every game, you have to practice over and over every movement in practice. So when in the field, each player already knows what will happen and then what he should do,” he said.

Sacchi himself known as a coach who emphasizes team collectivities. One method is the famous game of shadows. He will ask the players play one game but with an imaginary ball. Sacchi then will let you know where the position of the ball and the players will respond by immediately moving to the expected position.

With that method, Sacchi with Milan successfully won one Scudetto and two Champions League titles (still called the Champions Cup) in a row in 1988/1989 and 1989/1990. Since that time, there was nothing more that could win the Champions League twice in a row. Several other titles are the Italian Super Cup, European Super Cup and Intercontinental Cup (before it turns into Club World Cup).