Call Dnipro goal offside, De Laurentiis also sneered referee and Platini

Call Dnipro goal offside, De Laurentiis also sneered referee and Platini

Naples – Napoli president Aurelio De Laurentiis upset right after his team matched Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk. De Laurentiis called the comeback opponent offside, the court criticized the pitch and UEFA President Michel Platini, and suspect there was a conspiracy to impose Napoli.

Napoli had to settle for the party to finish the Europa League semi-final first leg being played in San Paolo, Friday (08/05/2015) pm dawn, with a 1-1 draw. Yevhen Seleznyov scored in the 80th minute put the visitors remove the host advantage goal by David Lopez.

“I’m really upset. The goal was offside,” said De Laurentiis in a news conference as reported by Football Italia.

Pique De Laurentiis then also spilled over in the media room. He snickered prestige among the Europa League and the feasibility referee Svein Oddvar Moen to lead the match.

“They want to create a tournament that looks important when this event no value. We just live it because in the end this gave us an opportunity to qualify for the Champions League,” he said.

“In the semi-final you can not designate a set of officials who are not able to handle a match, Platini made a bad impression. He will think about this in a dark corner of the room in Nyon. Maybe the days have passed, it might be worthwhile it back off. Not acceptable if someone organizes a competition without being able to guarantee a decent referee. ”

“I can not criticize my players because they’ve been trying hard, but if Dnipro had the referee favoring their side … it means Napoli considered disturbing by some people and the Europa League to be held Spain and Sevilla again. Let’s just say that’s what they want and we will step aside because we do not like to be mocked. ”

“If Platini wants to lead is fine, but he must do it with the wisdom of a leader. He can not make doubts of this kind. He could arrange referee it better. I see Nicola Rizzoli in the Champions League yesterday, while we get Moen . Who is she, what you heard of it? What is it important? In fact, what he is worth? ” said De Laurentiis.